First 100 businesses: 1 year free trial

Businesses joining after the first 100:

3 month free trial, then $50/year annual maintenance fee.


- $50/month to have your logo in our GALLERY. FREE for now until we have 100 businesses listed. 

(only 5 available per category)


Once the free trial period is up, you will have a good idea what works and what does not. It is now a marketing tool you can reach for when you need it.  

So what happens now?

Once you have registered your business with The Birth-Date Sale below, here are some things that will help us all succeed:

1. In your registration, include the details of your special for the current month.  We will leave that up until you send an update for a new special. Send changes and updates to [email protected]

2. If you have walk-in traffic and you offer a birth-date sale, make sure to tell your customers about it. 

You can ask them at the counter: 

"What day of the month is your birthday?" 

then explain how the sale works. If it is not their birth-date that day, invite them to return again on their day of the month to save.

3. Be sure to promote The Birth-Date Sale on social media. If everyone promotes the sale, we all benefit. 

4. If someone comes to your business and you are closed because of a holiday or for other reason, they can return the first day you re-open to ask for their special that you offer.


5. This is an affordable, new marketing tool for you. Experiment with different ideas. Change your sales offer on  a regular basis to adjust to the season.  


Thank you.



Tom Scott

co-owner of Pilates Manitoba

Creator of The Birth-Date Sale

P/T: 204 805-3652

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